Dean’s Greenhouse was established in 1924 and is the oldest continually operated business in Westlake, Ohio. By providing locally grown plants, flowers and vegetables, Dean’s helps cut down on fuel consumption and emissions by eliminating the need to truck in a majority of their plants and flowers. 

It really is locally-owned and locally-grown.

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We have an extensive selection of plants, grown to suit every need. We grow Proven Winner Annuals, 140 kinds of tomatoes, 30 types of peppers, a huge list of Herbs and Perennials too! Click on the links below!!

What is the Dean’s Difference?

We pride ourselves on doing things the old fashioned way. That means we use the best quality materials. We grow the roots first, then focus on the foliage. That’s why our customers tell us that they never have had plants as healthy and long lasting as the ones they get from us. We water, feed, and inspect each and every plant in the greenhouse to make sure it is as strong and healthy as possible before you take it home.