For the past 40 years, Dean’s Greenhouse has been working with organizations both locally and in the tri-state area.  

We customize your fundraiser to fit the needs of your Organization.

Local: You can invite your group to Dean’s Greenhouse to shop in our retail shop for their spring plants, and Dean’s will give 30% of your sales back to your group. It’s easy to keep track of, you can either have the group meet here at a certain time to participate, or you can send out an email that the customer brings with them the day they shop.  So you can designate a day for your fundraiser, or offer dates they can take advantage of this option. You can also sell gift certificates, and receive 30% for your organization. If you’re within driving distance, it’s easy, it’s local, and your customers will be able to take advantage of our full retail plant offerings.

If you are out of town, and need us to deliver your fundraiser, no problem! We will bring your plants to you on our trucks. You have an option of handing out order forms to your customers, and then returning your order to us, or you can send out a broadcast email to your participants, and they can order online! Easy as Amazon!! When we bring your plants to you, you will be able to put your orders together for your customers, and they pick up later that  day!

To learn more send us a message!