We are pleased and proud to offer the following new products.

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Breeding Breakthrough – A First For Our Zone – A Hardy Spanish Lavender

From the hardworking Lavender hybridizers come La Diva Big Night Hardy Spanish Lavender, Lavandula. A superior selection, it lives up to its name. You can expect wave after wave of massive, inky blackberry flowers with large bract petals that dance above the plant. This variety is a breakthrough for Spanish lavenders, because it is the first Spanish x English cross, giving it a much more robust body and more durable foliage that stands up stronger to summer weather conditions. Hardy all the way through zone 6. It perfumes the air with its outstanding fragrance.

According to the industry publication Greenhouse Grower:

  • …we always seem to be looking for improvements, particularly in performance and flower power. So, I was very much taken with this hybrid that displays large, deep blue rabbit-ear flowers of Spanish lavender and the smaller tougher foliage of English lavender. Greenhouse and field reports have been excellent so far, and if a tough lavender with handsome eye-catching flowers is available, jump on it.
  • Use it as a pot plant, alone or with other sun-loving herbs and perennials. It looks beautiful in the garden, mass planted, or as a specimen. It’s great size makes it ideal to edge gardens and walkways.
  • Lavender makes gorgeous fresh and dried cut flowers. Just a sprig or two will add considerable charm and outstanding fragrance.
  • La Diva Big Night Lavender is a member of the La Diva Series of Lavender. These have been bred for heavy blooming, hardiness, great landscape performance, outstanding fragrance, and superior heat and humidity tolerance.
  • Plant in full sun in well-draining soil that has been amended with compost or other organic matter. Keep well watered, however, plants must dry out between watering. Keeping plants too wet is the kiss of death for these beauties. Well-draining soil is a must.

Fundy Blend Organic Enriching Mulch & Seaweed

Fundy Blend Organic Enriching Mulch & Seaweed is an exceptionally rich, naturally dark, fine textured blend of composted bark and seaweed.  It helps retain moisture and insulate the surface soil against temperature variations that can harm roots.  Because it is composted, it will not rob the soil of nitrogen and can be dug into the beds in the fall to improve the organic content of the soil.

Product Highlight Features:

  • For mulching beds & shrubs
  • Made with aged dark bark & seaweed to retain moisture.
  • Provides minerals & nutrients
  • Mulch & compost – two products in one bag!
  • Approved for organic growers