Dean’s Greenhouse was established in 1924 and is the oldest continually operated business in Westlake, Ohio.

Sam Dean started as a local farmer and took his produce into Cleveland via horse and wagon. Soon he began constructing greenhouses to extend his growing season. Not long after this followed ventures into packaging companies, the retail greenhouse and then a flower shop.

By providing locally grown plants, flowers and vegetables, Dean’s helps cut down on fuel consumption and emissions by eliminating the need to truck in a majority of their plants and flowers.  It really is locally-owned and locally-grown.

Today Larry and Scott Dean are at the helm. They continue to update their growing methods, while keeping Sam Dean’s commitment to quality and customer service as the main focus of the greenhouse. We carry popular Proven Winner brands, along with old fashioned favorites, and unique plants that appeal to collectors too. We’ve got you covered!

What is the Dean’s Difference?

We pride ourselves on doing things the old fashioned way. That means we use the best quality materials.

We grow the roots first, then focus on foliage. That’s why our customers tell us that they have never had plants as healthy and long lasting as the ones they get from us.

Human being water and feed our plants every day. We inspect each and every plant in the greenhouse to make sure it is as strong and healthy as possible before you take it home.